2.O Review: Exhausting But Watchable!


Directed by Shankar, 2.O was finally released on 28 November after a long delay. As per the latest reports, the movie is supposed to be a mix of all the plots, which were directed by him in the past and is indeed a masterpiece sci-fi entertainment film.

2.o review

The special effects that have been added to enhance the film are indeed amazing and have caught the viewers’ attention throughout the movie. In spite of that, the plot of the movie isn’t that great and impactful as the fans were expecting it to be. Even the antagonist’s character played by Akshay Kumar was unnecessarily stretched and made edgy.

2.o review

At the beginning of the film, the viewers witness a suicide committed by an old man who happens to hang himself on the top of a mobile phone tower. In the next scene, they see a couple of robotic students who visit Dr. Vaseegaran played by Rajnikanth to know about his latest humanoid creation Nila played by Amy Jackson. While the students plan to go back, suddenly a young guy’s phone is snatched away. Shortly after this incident, all the smartphones and mobile phones in the city vanish out of the people’s hands.

This situation irks the Government officials and they call for an urgent meeting with a group of qualified scientists, police officers and ministers. After scrutinizing the situation and conducting an intricate research, Dr. Vaseegaran happens to suspect the existence of a fifth force, which might be the reason behind the strange disappearance.  In order to handle this situation, he thinks to bring back Chitti, which was lying dismantled for years. Initially, no one supports his idea, but later, they give in and ask him to bring back Chitti.

2.o review

Along with his two robots, Vaseegaran picks a fierce fight against the ornithologist Pakshi Rajan played by Akshay Kumar who commits suicide after losing the battle against the system.
In the next half of the film, the viewers get to witness how Chitti, Vaseegaran, 2.O, 3.O and Nila come together as a close-knit team to defeat the obnoxious plans executed by the mighty Pakshi Rajan!

Although the movie plot isn’t as great as expected, the visual effects that have been implemented in the film are worth watching. All in all, the movie might drain you a bit, but this roller coaster ride is worth experiencing.