3 Storeys Movie Review: This Unconventional Movie Is Way Better Than the Other Over-Hyped Movies and Is Definitely Worth Your Attention


Yet another unconventional movie starring Renuka Shahane, Pulkit Samrat, Richa Chadha and Sharman Joshi released this Friday, March 9 at the theatres across the nation. One look at the movie and you will get to know that it is not a family entertainer, but shows the reality about the issues that are faced by middle-class families coming from different walks of life. The movie title aptly describes the whole plot of the film, the reality that is hidden behind the 3-storey buildings.

This movie has been loosely inspired by the stories shared by real people. The story plot revolves around the lives of three ordinary people who ideally look normal but are concealing grave secrets and dark pasts to lead a normal life in the present.

Directed by debut director Arjun Mukherjee, 3 Storeys has some inspiring moments, which seem to affect the families staying in Mumbai chawl.

The movie begins with a voice speaking in the background, which happens to be that of the narrator of this film and is primarily interested in knowing people who are lost in the crowd. Out of the existing crowd, she decides to find out more about Vishal Naik (enacted by Pulkit Samrat). Vishal is further seen boarding a taxi and heading towards finding a house for his stay in Mumbai.

Finally, it is revealed that the narrator is none other than Flory Mendonca (enacted by Renuka Shahane) who is an aged widow staying alone in one of the buildings in Mumbai itself. She is trying to sell one part of her house to meet the daily expenses incurred by her. Vishal, who is obviously looking for a house, contacts her for purchasing the property, which is sold by Aunt Flory. In spite of her asking for whopping 80 lakhs for the house, Vishal doesn’t hesitate to purchase it and is seen signing the papers. The movie plot then kicks off to its darker version, which shocks the onlookers.

The other characters in the movie are also involved in turmoil of love, deceit and misunderstanding, which forms the crux of the movie.

At the end, the narrator perfectly sums up a simple thing that there is never a perfect ending to any story like falsely portrayed in movies. If we can ignore the setbacks in this unconventional drama that failed to grab the undivided attention of the onlookers, this movie did send out some message to be thought upon.