6 Amazing Yet Affordable Beach Destinations in Asia


Asia offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the coastlines of the region. Become a beach lover and spend your time relaxing on the sand and taking a dip in the clear waters. If you are planning a beach vacation, then try considering these options:

  1.    Rai Leh, Thailand: This is an amazing beach paradise on Andaman Island. Phra Nang is one of the finest beaches in Thailand if not in Asia. Relax on the sand and observe the cliffs that frame each end of the beach. Apart from the spectacular view of this island, this place offers rock climbing too. You can also rent a private beach house if you plan to stay for a longer duration.
  2.    Sihanoukville, Cambodia: This place is surrounded by the white sand beaches and is the most happening beach destinations in Asia. This place is the perfect destination for those who like fewer crowds. The Ochheuteal Beach has late night music shows and food stalls, which is an eye-feast for the tourists.
  3.    Nha Trang, Vietnam: This place is surrounded by a necklace of hills and has a stunning crescent beach. This would be an ideal beach destination for a memorable holiday.
  4.    Tonsai Bay, Thailand: This is a budget-friendly option for the travellers for those who are seeking local culture, beach life, and local cuisines. It is best suitable if you love rock climbing.
  5.    Gili Islands, Indonesia: This is one of the peaceful beaches of Indonesia. They offer a pleasant atmosphere and are a paradise for scuba divers. The guesthouse and hotels on this islands cost just $20 per night. Also, the food over here is very inexpensive. One can do kayaking, cycling, and rent scuba gear on this beach.
  6.    Balangan Beach, Bali: This is one of the best beaches in Bali, which you should never miss. This beach can be visited for $30 to $35 per day. One can rent wooden huts or a double bungalow near this beach and experience beautiful sceneries. This island looks gorgeous with standing cliffs that frames each end of the islands.

These are some of the destinations, which you need to definitely check out for your next beach vacation.