After 2.0 Teaser Leak, Consequences of It Yet To Reveal of Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar film


It’s not surprising that movies are getting leaked online these days. However, it often affects the producers badly leading to half-empty pocket. 2.0 is packed with big names such as Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar. It is optimistic to predict the future of the film to be a success story despite being leaked

To go deeper, we followed the view of Trade Expert Akshaye Rathi. He confirmed the damage caused due to the film being leaked. He felt dejected for the loss of hard work and money being invested in a film due to this kind of teaser leak. The makers would certainly be vigilant about the teaser being shared on every possible platform in order to curb the loss.    

However, it was lucky enough that the VFX work was incomplete and hence saved from being leaked. In view of the high cost involved in the making of the film, it is less likely of being damaged worldwide as it pushes more to secure its outreach.

Made on a lavish budget of INR 400 crore, it is so far the most expensive movie to come from the Indian film industry. With Rajnikanth being a part of the film, it is natural to invest big. Ruling the Tamil film industry, Rajnikanth has become an international icon to be cherished worldwide. The kind of success he has bagged is promising about the future success of the film.  

This new project is a sequel to “Endhiran”, which had Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Bachchan playing the lead roles. Meanwhile, this is Akshay’s debut in the South Indian film industry. With the antagonist role being played by Akshay, it would be extremely interesting to see 2.0. The movie is directed by director Shankar. The gorgeous Amy Jackson is also a part of the film. The music score is scored by the music genius AR Rahman.