Akshaye Khanna Wants To Again Act Alongside Sridevi


Akshaye Khanna previously appeared in ‘Mom’ in a vital role along with Sridevi. The actor recently said that if he gets a chance, then he’d love to work with Sridevi again. Talking about Sridevi, he said:

“She was fabulous, and she behaves like any other actor. There’s no pressure from her side. It was nice to work with her.”

Following these statements, he expressed his desire of working with the actress again. Akshaye added:

“If she gives me a chance, yes, sure.”
Akshaye Khanna Wants To Again Act Alongside Sridevi
Akshaye Khanna Wants To Again Act Alongside Sridevi

‘Mom’ has received a positive response from the audience as well as critics. The film presently stands at a total of 24.80 crores. It has been a successful venture for the team. Expressing his happiness, he added:

“I didn’t know how it would do at the box office. That nobody can say, but I knew it would have a good impact on people and I think that it doing well is gratifying, and I am very happy for everybody who is involved in the film.”

‘Mom’ focuses around the story of a mother who is on the road of vengeance. Her aim is to teach a solid lesson to the people who raped her daughter. The film also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a vital role along with Sridevi and Akshaye Khanna. It is presently running in theaters. The film has received appreciation from people and is heading towards a 30-35 crores finish at the Indian Box Office.

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