Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves Back After a Long Gap for the Third Movie of Bill and Ted Series


The third movie of the series is finally announced 27 years after the second instalment was released. Along with the original actors, the original screenwriters Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson are also back in the game. As the movie is still in the pre-production mode, there is no confirmation on the release date yet.

alex winter and keanu reeves

In the latest movie, Alex and Keanu will portray the characters of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan both of whom are time-travelling musicians. Their band Wyld Stallyns have composed thousands of tunes so far, but their greatest song is yet to be written.

alex winter and keanu reeves

A visitor from future tells them that it will be their song that can save the world and both set out on a time-travelling adventure to seek inspiration for that greatest song that is destined to save the universe.

In this quest of theirs, they are not alone but are supported by their daughters, few other music legends, and a brand new batch of historical figures.

In a statement, Reeves and Winter said, “We couldn’t be more excited to get the whole band back together again. Chris and Ed wrote an amazing script, and with Dean, at the helm, we’ve got a dream team!”

alex winter and keanu reeves

Along with these two and the screenwriters, William Sadler, who was with them in Bogus Journey playing Grim Reaper, is also back. The movie will be directed by Dean Parisot and produced by Scott Kroopf, Steve Ponce, and Alex Lebovici.

The sequel was announced by the producers at the Cannes Film Festival on 8th May. It will be released by MGM’s Orion Pictures in the US.