Amole Gupta Says The Day Shraddha Kapoor Is Ready, He Will Roll Saina Nehwal Biopic


Amole Gupta is presently gearing up for the release of his upcoming directorial ‘Sniff!!‘. He also has Saina Nehwal’s much-awaited biopic lined up ahead in future. Mumbai Mirror reported that the producer-director discussed many topics regarding the film and shared when he will start shooting for the film in an interview.

Amole Gupta Says The Day Shraddha Kapoor Is Ready, He Will Roll Saina Nehwal Biopic
Amole Gupta Says The Day Shraddha Kapoor Is Ready, He Will Roll Saina Nehwal Biopic

Initially, talking about the inspiration behind his next directorial ‘Sniff!!’ he said:

“Between 10 & 12 years, with two friends, Mohan Natrajan & R Ganesh, I pooled our books to start a library for the 600-odd kids who lived in Bima Nagar, the middle-class society in suburban Mumbai I grew up in. This way everyone could sample my Blyton series & Mohan’s collection of ‘Amar Chitra Katha,’ as also ‘Mandrakes’ & ‘Phantom comics,’ & get introduced to Inspector Eagle, Havaldar Naik or Agent Vinod. It was ten paisa for one book, 15 paise for two.” 
 “I don’t judge them, but I can entertain them. This is another way of bringing mystery into their lives.”

The film features Khushmeet Gill in the lead roles portraying the character of Sunny Gill. Amole shared how he selected Khushmeet for the role in the movie using a unique technique. He said:

“Since I don’t audition, this was one way of scouting for young talent. They came in batches of 30-35 & I screened Majid Majidi & Charlie Chaplin films for them, gave them voice exercises, & we did a bit of drawing. Khushmeet also came & walked straight into my heart. He’s a delightful & delicious haapus mango!”

He also shared few of his other experiences that he had while shooting the movie by adding:

“On the morning of the shoot, I would sit with the kids and explain the scenes to them. With the first shot, we would go for taking. Except for Khushmeet, everyone answered to their real names. This way no one was playing a character. Life is like a series of scenes; you don’t rehearse for it. You create moments & capture them.”
“It was a golden jubilee reunion, me at 55, sitting with the mic and watching old friends walk into the frame. After this, I’d have no regrets if the Lord takes me away tomorrow. Meine Ganga Naha Liya hai.”

Finally, the director talked about Saina Nehwal’s biopic that features Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles. Amole says that he has no plans of rushing the movie. He wants Shraddha to be at her best in the movie. The day Shraddha is ready, he will start shooting for the film. He said:

“Shraddha’s (Kapoor) working really hard & conscientiously with her coach Jitesh Padukone to become the butterfly called Saina Nehwal. I don’t want to press or rush her. The day she is ready, we will roll.”

Many rumors stated that he initially wanted Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt to feature in the movie. However, Amole rubbished these rumors by stating that he only wanted Shraddha in the movie. He actually said:

“Shraddha was the only one I pitched it to & she agreed as soon as I finished the narration. Look at her face & forehead; there are such startling similarities between her & Saina. She is also athletic, Jitesh will attest to that.”

Amole Gupta then revealed why he wanted to make a biopic on Saina Nehwal. The director says that he is highly inspired from the glorious career of Saina Nehwal and her amazing victories over the world’s best.

“A World No.1 doesn’t happen every day in such families. I’ve known Saina since December 2014 when she trashed Spaniard Carolina Marin in the pre-quarters in Dubai. Marin is the reigning Olympic champion, & Saina trashed her four times when she was at her peak.”

Amole says that despite being famous, Saina Nehwal is a woman who stays down on earth despite flying high in the sky. He meant:

“Being an international icon hasn’t affected her or her family. She’s still not very media savvy. Her spirited rejoinder is ‘maar doongi.’ That’s a great slogan for Saina and Shraddha.”

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