Aquaman Actor Jason Momoa: The Film Has an Important Message about the Earth’s Health


Aquaman, a Warner Bros Production, is slated to release on 14th December in India, which is being released a week before its release in the USA.

aquaman actor jason momoa

In this movie, the versatile actor Jason Momoa will be seen in a pivotal role playing the role of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. Recently, he revealed the fact that the movie does contain an essential environmental message, which is meant to bring about a change in the existential world.

aquaman actor jason momoa

Since Momoa will be enacting a dual role in the movie, he said in a statement “He has got a lot of bravadoes, but he does have compassion and even fears. He is a good man, but what makes him truly great is that only he can unite these two different societies because he is also Atlantean, and the chosen one.

aquaman actor jason momoa

Although he is the Aquaman, the thing that makes him a human is that he is humble and has realized that he is not yet ready to take up the responsibility. In spite of being a nice individual, he has strained relationships with his half-brother Orm, who is planning to initiate a war against Aquaman. Orm is seen uniting the entire ocean kingdom and launch a lethal attack on the land kingdom majorly because of the pollution spreading across the oceans, in turn, affecting the water kingdom in a negative way.

Momoa’s character Arthur will be seen fighting against his own half-brother Orm to save the entire planet from the lethal attack. In spite of being the king (Aquaman), he wants to stop Orm from attacking the surface. On the other hand, Orm seems ready to rule the whole world.

As per recent reports, the movie directed by James Wan has already made an impressive remark in the Chinese box office and cloaked in around 93.6 million dollars in 3 days of its release in China.