Avenger Infinity War Maintained Secrets While Filming and Hid it from the Stars


Recently to the press and media, the makers of Avenger Infinity War said that they never shared anything about the outcome of the finger snap, which was from Thanos’, with the cast of the movie. The film’s team maintained and dealt with it confidentially. Actors and actresses of the movie had no clue about this huge secret.

avenger infinity war maintained secrets

Avenger 4 is the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster that will be out in theatres shortly. It is one of the biggest film featuring superhero. Not just fans but the Hollywood followers and film lovers are also very eagerly waiting for the movie. The producer, very recently, uncovered the fact that even the actors never knew about whether they would be getting back after the huge Thano’s finger snap kills them. So, the cast also had to wait till the end for an answer.

avenger infinity war maintained secrets

Here is what Trinh Tran, the producer of Avenger Infinity War has to say about it: “We were meticulous about each of the characters and spent a lot of time discussing how each character’s death would affect future films.”

The producer continued by saying that the snap was a key matter of importance all through the movie, right from the beginning. The starting plan revolved around the snap. Going forward, he said the team wanted Thanos to feel supreme about himself. One of the main sources of ideas for them was from the original comics. Building up the snap and giving it a special effective was very important.

avenger infinity war maintained secrets

The direction, production and solid core creative teams of Avenger Infinity War figured out the critical and accurate time about when to reveal what even if they had to share it with the front end team or the star cast. The team also added saying, “The core creative group – writers, producers and directors – hold the keys to all that is going-on.”

Since a couple of departments knew all about the secret, it was indeed challenging for them for them keep track of the information propagation. The team had to guard the secret and ensure that it does not spread and spoil the fun.