Befikre Review : I Dare You To Watch Befikre


Befikre has released today. Its time to find out how it is!

The movie starts off with Labon Ka Karobar song, and lot of kisses are just piercing your eyes. Its been a few minutes in the film and you have seen so much. Even Hollywood doesn’t do this.
Then the hero of the film enters, he is a comedian. He is pretty good at his job. He has recently broken up with Vaani. He keeps on making fun of his relationship and relationships in general. From there on,you get to see a less funny version of Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

After spending a night with Vaani, Ranveer chases her and does a lot of daring things with her. Ranveer also gives Vaani a lot of dares. And you are confused whether you are watching Roadies or Befikre??


Finally, Interval happens with Ranveer and Vaani celebrating their Break Up Anniversary. At this time it seems like what’s left now, Film should be over, but now there is an hour left.

Post Interval, you get to see Ranveer and Vaani enjoying their friendship time. Vaani meets Anis (I don’t know his real name,so lets address him by his character name only). Anis is an investment banker who is nice, romantic, handsome, rich, funny-basically a guy whom any girl would marry. So why Vaani won’t marry, she does it and so does Ranveer. Ranveer is marrying a random hot chick ( Actually, she is Christine, she is a nice girl…. I KNOW YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DETAILS SHE’S HOT THAT MATTERS).

In the end, they realize they are made for each other which they should have realized in the beginning only, but as Mahira Khan says they are “Battery”. Other films have a climax, Befikre has a mess.

In short, if Pyaar Ka Punchnama had a poor ending, Namaste London had a poor ending, Shudh Desi Romance had a good ending, then you get Befikre.

Just like everyone was beating Ranveer Singh in the end, audience would also love to beat the makers of the film. A song comes in the end,which is nice to watch on screen and you think Okay at least it ended well but post that song another scene comes up, after watching it you just want to leave the cinema hall with no hopes of Returning.


Entertaining in Parts-1st half is very entertaining, 2nd half also offers some entertainment

If you want to watch hot scenes then you will like this film as the film is full of it

Ranveer Singh has shown his assets (Girls Can Go especially For That Scene)


Film is boring especially the 2nd half bores you

If you don’t like Ranveer’s off screen image,you won’t like the film as Ranveer has done natural acting

Befikre Review