Behind The Scene Stories of Bahubali 2


Bahubali has been one of the greatest movies of times. And do you know that the sequel of the blockbuster movie Bahubali is even more grand than before. The budget has also increased for the sequel movie and thus all other things too. Bahubali 2 is being made on a very grand scale. And you will be shocked to hear that every day more than 500-1000 people take part in the making of the movie.

The art director of the movie Sabu Cyril told that approximately 2000 people are working on the movie every other day. It’s been 2000 people working on the sets everyday since last 5 years.

Sabu Cyril told that, “The experience of working on two parts of Baahubali has been equivalent to working on ten films. On an average, 500 to 2000 people worked with me daily since (its) inception”. So, by now you might have realized that why Bahubali 2 is one of the most grand and royal movie ever being made in Bollywood and Tollywood.

Bahubali has broken each and every record till date. The movie has crossed all boundaries and earlier records in both Bollywood and Tollywood. We all know that the movie was made with a huge budget which any other movie in both bollywood and Tollywood has never seen. But such a huge movie delivered huge returns too. Bahubali which has also been dubbed in Hindi has become one of the most profitable film till date. Bahubali went on to earn 650 crores in Tollywood and it’s one of the dubbed Bollywood movie which has earned 100 crores in the box office.

And the entire nation kept on asking only one question since 2015 Why did Katappa Killed Bahubali? So, it seems that all of us will get the answer when Bahubali 2 will be released.