Blake Lively Returns to Instagram to Share the First Teaser of ‘A Simple Favor’ — Watch the Trailer


Blake Lively is back on the social media platform, Instagram – with a surprise for her fans. She deleted all her Instagram photos on Monday and now has finally shared the first trailer of the new movie ‘A Simple Favor’ starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in the lead roles.

The story of this film is adapted from a book by the same name, where Emily Nelson (the character played by Lively) mysteriously disappears. In this film, Anna Kendrick is seen as Lively’s BFF.

Blake Lively’s character of Emily Nelson portrays a fabulous style and caresses a handsome man.

Earlier this week, Blake shocked her fans by deleting all her images in Instagram and unfollowed everyone. She unfollowed her husband Ryan too. Finally, she came out with a trailer on Wednesday and is seen following women with the name Emily Nelson. Also, her profile bio is updated to – “What happened to Emily?”

Five days back, Kendrick posted an image on Instagram, where the duo was spotted with martinis. Now, she has reposted the same pic, but this time Emily (Blake) is erased.

Kendrick simply captioned this image with a detective emoji and a Venus symbol. This act of Kendrick and Blake Lively has caught the attention of their fans.

During an interview, the Deadpool star, Smallzy’s Surgery shared his reaction of losing one of his close followers. He joked that it was terrible for him to know that he has been kicked out of the house and he was feeling very bad for it.

On the other hand, Blake’s husband, Ryan Reynold expressed relief that their two daughters did not know about the harsh move taken by their mom. He also imitated his daughter, saying – “Mommy has unfriended Dad on Instagram.”