BMC issues notice to Arjun Kapoor against Illegal construction


It seems that after Kapil Sharma’s tweet Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is on a roll. The state based municipal corporation has issued a notice against Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor. The notice is issued in the lieu of an illegal construction.


Some months back Kapil Sharma was also sent a notice by BMC. This was also connected by illegal constructions only. And the same is with Arjun Kapoor too. It seems that the BMC is taking a very strict watch on the movement of each and every celebrity. And BMC is paying special attention to Bollywood celebrities.

It was heard that Arjun Kapoor has encroached the terrace by constructing an illegal building on it. The room measures 30 feet by 16 sq ft brick room. This room has been constructed without the permission of the authorities and this is the major reason why municipal authorities have come up to his door. It has been heard that the building is Arjun Kapoor’s private gym where the actors gyms himself.

Arjun lives in the 7th floor of Raheja Orchid and the gym has been constructed on the terrace of the building but surprisingly none of the building members have opposed to the same. But some activist who does not even lives in the building has complained to BMC against this construction. And BMC started probing against the same and found the information true.

Thus, 3 months before BMC has sent a notice to the actor. Then the actor’s manager approached to BMC asking for some more time. Now, again BMC has issued a second notice to the actor and this notice involves demolishing of the building. And as per the current developments, BMC will very soon begin with demolition of the building too.