Bumblebee Movie Trailer: Even Transformers Get Rickrolled


Who doesn’t love Transformers series? Well, the audiences wait and even crave for its new series every time. Its spin-off ‘Bumblebee: The Movie’ will soon be released on silver screen. Its first trailer was released on Tuesday.

bumblebee movie trailer

Bumblebee Autobot scout, the main character has various things in common with several aliens and giants in movie history. At first, he seems startling, but as the end comes near he doesn’t prove scary like King Kong, E.T.

A gentle and original model of Volkswagen Beetle yellow colored Bumblebee gets transformed even from the goofy looking car. Charlie Watson, the role played by Hailee Steinfeld is a teenage girl and Bumblebee loves her. From the moment he sets his puppy-like eyes on the girl, it is clear that it is love at first sight. However, she continues Rickrolling him and doesn’t stop herself in a sassy scene, which is timely as well as adorable too. The film has been set in the year 1987.

bumblebee movie trailer

Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Gracie Dzienny, Pamela Adlon, John Cena, Jason Drucker, Rachel Crow, and Kenneth Choi are also a part of the film. This amazing crew has set a paramount example as it can be seen in the trailer as well. Two Strings fame and Kubo’s Travis Knight have directed the film and this would be the first series of Transformers, which is not directed by the previous director, Michael Bay.

bumblebee movie trailer

The release date of ‘Bumblebee: The Movie’ in Australia is not confirmed; however, in the UK, it will be launched on December 26 and in the US the release date is December 21. The trailer has already created a bustle and the audience just loved it. The viewers are now waiting for its release to see the direction of Two Strings fame and Kubo’s Travis Knight this time.