Dangal Director Nitesh Tiwari Thinks Both Fiction & Biopic Are Difficult To Make


Nitesh Tiwari who left a substantial mark on Bollywood with his highly successful film ‘Dangal’ discussed a lot of things in an exclusive interview with IANS.

Dangal Director Nitesh Tiwari Thinks Both Fiction & Biopic Are Difficult To Make
Dangal Director Nitesh Tiwari Thinks Both Fiction & Biopic Are Difficult To Make

The director says that he does not write scripts for his movies keeping any particular actor in mind. He explicitly said:

“I don’t write keeping an actor in mind. Only after I have finished my writing, I start to think about who would be the best person to play that role. And if he or she is willing to play that role then he or she is definitely worth the wait.”

Nitesh stated the reason for his previous statement by adding:

“Because good scripts are hard to come by. So, if I am in love with my script, I would look for an equally exciting option, if plan A doesn’t work out.”

The director is going to answer questions from the audience on Sunday in an open discussion session. Nitesh says that he will also discuss certain aspects that inspired him to make a film based on the lives of Geeta Phogat and her family. He said:

“This will also be open to questions from the audience.”

The actor thinks that hosting an Indian film festival abroad increases the reach of the movie on foreign lands. He added:

“More and more Indian films are finding global acceptance in a big way. So a festival of this nature and stature goes a long way in solidifying our standing in foreign markets as well.”

When asked if he is ever going to shoot a film abroad or work on a movie with a peculiar NRI angle. He answered:

“Why not? I am open to all kind of ideas provided they fit into my style of story telling.”

He also stated how he does not make any special effort to write films about children. He said:

“I guess, it’s because of my love towards children that they somehow find a seamless fit in most of my films.”

When asked about what genre is more challenging to him, Fiction or Biopic, he replied:

“Fiction is all about creating something interesting out of thin air while biopics are all about recreating something that’s already happened and presenting it in an interesting manner. Both are equally difficult.”

He also said that he does not want to limit his reach when a reporter asked him if he is ever going to make a film based on any tragedy that struck India in the past. He actually said:

“As a writer, I would not want to put any restrictions on myself. However, I naturally tend to gravitate towards stuff that provides hope and happiness.”

The director also added how he celebrates his wife Ashwiny’s successes more than his by adding:

“I celebrate her success more than mine.”

As of now, Nitesh Tiwari is working on the script of his next movie. Many rumors state that Varun Dhawan is going to portray the lead role in the film.

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