Dangal Movie Review


Dangal: Movie Review
Cast: Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra
Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Duration: 2 Hours 41 Minutes

Review :

By now, there is a lot of hype surrounding the movie and you must have known what the movie is all about. But just for an introduction, Dangal is the autobiographical journey of a father who trains his daughters to become world class wrestlers. Now, wrestling is a man’s sport so how a women makes it her area of expertise is something for which you need to go to the theaters.

Dangal begins with the journey of Mahavir Singh Phogat whose lifelong dream of winning gold medal for India in wrestling is completely shattered. He decides that he will try fulfill his dream with his sons. But Aamir Khan who is essaying the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat is blessed with girls one after the other. And that is when life takes a turn for him. He makes up his mind that his dreams can never become a reality now. But one fine day a thought struck him that why can’t his girls fulfill his dream.

And that’s when the entire story begins. Dangal is about a father’s determination to give his girl’s that perfect exercise and rigorous training that can make them world class wrestlers. But the surprise factor in the movie is it’s writing. Even when half of the population knows the story, there has been added elements in the movie. The movie beautifully balances between the father’s determination and the tournament journey. And during this tournament journey, your patriotic feelings are at full display. So, in that department the film gets full score. If you are that emotional person, then you will definitely shed one to two tears on your way.

You might feel that the movie is an overdose of Haryanvi language but that’s how it is. Plus, music wise, the movie has got really nice music. Music Director Pritam and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya did a fab job in terms of music. All the songs are in sync with the story and the entire music album is perfect addition to the movie.

Rating: 4.5/5

Final words: watch the movie. It’s the perfect weekend or Christmas plan. Have a gala dinner and watch the movie with your family.

Dangal Movie Review
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