Deadpool Meets David Beckham Just before the Release


As the release date of Deadpool 2 is approaching soon, it seems like the makers are leaving nothing behind to promote their film. It’s not surprising that every movie deserves high promotion just before release to attract more moviegoers and just like any other movie Deadpool 2 is also doing some heavy promotional activities these days.

deadpool meets david beckham

In a recent video shared by Ryan Reynolds, he is seen apologizing to the football legend, David Beckham. The football legend is looking handsome as usual, but this time he is not with his teammates, but rather he is seen sharing screen space with Deadpool.  

This video took the internet by storm as both of them were seen sharing a sweet friendship bond where David is not at all in a mood to forgive Deadpool, but Deadpool is trying hard to get his forgiveness.

deadpool meets david beckham

If you’re still wondering why Deadpool wants Beckham’s forgiveness, try to recall the witty dialogue from Deadpool 1, where Ryan Reynolds said – “Ever heard David Beckham speak? It’s like he mouth-sexed a can of helium”. Well, Deadpool never thought this would hurt Beckham, but the new video shows a different story. How great is this idea for promoting the film? Watch the video. 

Talking about the conversation between the two, as usual Deadpool shows up at Beckham’s place to apologize in his funky avatar, but it’s Beckham who gets the last laugh. The videography was cool enough to engage the audience and both of them posed for an awkward silent sit at the end. 

deadpool meets david beckham

Earlier, Deadpool was seen dancing with Dion in the Ashes track and this time he’s with the football legend. This is certainly a great promotional idea from Reynolds and it is definitely increasing the craze among fans. The second instalment of the superhero movie is all set to release on May 18th.