DevaDas Teaser Reveals the Compatibility Uniting Nani and Nagarjuna Akkineni


DevaDas is one of the most expected movies of Tollywood. The film has captured the minds of the film lovers largely even before it has hit the screens. The film is very special as it is a multi-starrer featuring the Natural Star of Tollywood Nani and the most deserving actor of Tollywood, Nagarjuna Akkineni.

devadas teaser

The viewership multiplies at not just national but international levels as well, as the film unites the fans of the 2 leading artists of the Telugu Cine Industry. While the movie is considered to be a magician casting rays of fun and splendor, the teaser of the movie is now trending in the minds of Tollywood followers. The people are enthusiastically waiting for its release.

The DevaDas teaser portrays the vibrant and bubbly companionship between the actors. The onscreen compatibility looks super cool and the same has made the fans’ waiting time a lot more interesting. The released video has everything that makes us understand the emotions and bondage behind the camaraderie between Nani and the second generation super star from the Akkineni family, Nagarjuna Akkineni. If everything takes place as per plan, then DevaDas would be released on 27th September 2018.

devadas teaser

The first look of DevaDas was out recently and it impressed us to the fullest. With the same momentum, the team has released the teaser. The video of 50 seconds duration has casted not just expectations but also a feeling of joy in the minds of the audiences. It has all that the fans can enjoy as the rapport between the 2 leads is interesting and exciting.

devadas teaser

As the name suggests, Nagarjuna plays the role of a character named as Deva and Nani plays Das. The teaser shows a scene in which Deva makes the drinks while sitting with Das. Even before Deva adds water or soda to the concentrated peg, Das gobbles it and repeats it. After this, Deva advises him to stay calm and take things at ease. The video is just 50 seconds long but has described a lot about the 2 characters, their wellness and comfort levels.