Dhadak Trailer Has Got Our Hearts Beating for the First Love


It is rightly said “When two worlds collide, they become one”. While the upcoming movie might be Ishaan Khattar’s and Janhvi Kapoor’s debut movie, the trailer shows how deep they went into their character to give an honest character portrayal.

dhadak trailer

The movie Dhadak, like its name, is a journey that depicts the love that is pure, love that is immense and love that everyone feels for the first time in their life. It is a great feeling to be loved by the one with who you are deeply in love with. When love is unconditional, no challenge stops you from falling in love; in fact, you might take up every challenge as an opportunity to come close to the love of your life. Since no love comes that easily in life, one has to fight for their love to prove how much it means to them.

In one of the trailer scenes, Ishaan is confessing his love for his lady by singing a Hindi song and the lady love asks him to sing in English. The otherwise desi guy, instead of getting offended, actually translates the entire song to win over her heart.

dhadak trailer

The story of Dhadak revolves around the lives of Parthavi and Madhukar. The main protagonists of the movie are two individuals who are young and studying together in a college. After a chance meeting, they hopelessly fall for each other. Their cute puppy love story keeps growing with time, but along with their love their hardships eventually increase and one of them surrounds their immediate family. After learning about the duo’s love story, their respective families want them to separate for good and out-rightly reject their love for each other. Although young to handle these situations, they don’t get afraid of the adversities and stay strong to fight for their love.

The movie is set to release on July 20th 2018.