‘Dumbo’ Trailer: Tim Burton’s Live-Action Reboot Takes Flight


Last time, Tim Burton has tasted success with this beautiful animated Disney film in 2010, which is an adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland.” The film has achieved a collection of $1 million at the box office. One needs to wait till 2019 to know if this film would taste similar success at the box office or not.

dumbo trailer

Coming to the trailer, Burton’s Dumbo is based on the 1941 Disney’s animated classic with the same name. Soldier Holt Farrier’s role is played by Colin Farrell who returns to his hometown from war and is recruited by the circus owner to take care of a newborn elephant. Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins play the role of Holt Farrier’s children. The newborn elephant has oversized ears that make him a laughingstock at the circus. When the elephant reveals its ability to fly, the circus owner decides to make his circus rich.

Parker tells the sad-eyed elephant – “We are all a family here, no matter how small.” At the end of the trailer, it is shown that Parker tells the elephant – “Here Dumbo, Show them.” Everything in the trailer looks very rich. Also, it appears as if the film has been shot in the 19th century.

dumbo trailer

The trailer introduces Keaton as an entrepreneur and Alan as Wall Street tycoon. Eva Green is seen as an aerial artist in this film. The producers of this film are Katterli Frauenfelder, Justin Springer, Derek Frey, and Ehren Kruger.

Dumbo is planned to be released on March 29, 2019. Till then, one has to wait to watch what magic it will be doing at the theatres.