Force 2 2nd Weekend Collections : Yet Another Solo Flop For John


Force 2 collected 4 Crores in the 2nd weekend. Now the total collections are 31 Crores.

The film again dropped and this dropped by a very huge margin. Force 2 has even failed to show consistency in dropping on weekdays.

The film’s collections were affected by the recent ban on 500 and 1000 rupees notes. The effect on demonetization can be felt as the film caters more to the Single Screen Audience.

Force 2 is a flop. This is the second solo flop for John Abraham in 2016(Dishoom had Varun). In 2013 too his solo films got a poor opening I Me Aur Main got an opening of 1 Crore and Madras Cafe of 4 Crores.


Yet again John Abraham has proven that he is a big flop in solo hero films. Earlier his films performed at least in franchise films but now even franchise films are flopping.

With no films in kitty now John is actually unemployed as Force 2 and Dishoom 2 don’t have a confirmed release date.

This week Dear Zindagi released which will take up screens especially in Multiplexes and due to the presence of SRK in single screens too.