Fresh FIR lodged against Comedian Kapil Sharma by Mumbai Police


It seems that the legal battle for well-known comedian Kapil Sharma is nowhere near a pause. As per the latest development by Mumbai Police, a fresh FIR has been lodged against comedian Kapil Sharma. As per the FIR Kapil Sharma has been lodged with some serious environmental violations.

An environmental activist S Daundkar filed an FIR against Kapil Sharma with his lawyers Abha Singh and Aditya Pratap on 9th December with Railway Mobile Court’s Metropolitan Magistrate Amitabh A Panchbhai. The FIR was lodged under various environmental laws like – Environment Protect Act 1986, Maharashtra Regional and Town planning Act 1996 and the Indian Penal Code.


In the FIR it is mentioned that Kapil Sharma’s bungalow which he owns in Oshiwara has an illegal extra floor which permission has not been taken from the authorities. On December 9th only Kapil tweeted to PM saying that he has been asked for a bribe of Rs.50,000 to which Abha Singh has replied that Sharma did not abide by his responsible citizen norms and didn’t inform the anti-corruption bureau.

On 16th July this year Kapil Sharma was served a stop work notice against his horizontal construction of ground plus one in his bungalow. Also, his bungalow falls under the mangrove zone where within 50 metres no construction work has to be done at any cost.

So, the known comedian has convicted following crimes – construction in mangrove area, without permission converting his residential property into commercial area and construction without approval from Maharashtra Coastal Management Authority. Abha Singh added that all these are pretty serious offences and there can be serious punishment and hefty amount of fine attached to all of them.

Kapil created a sensation in the country when he tweeted to PM saying, “I am paying Rs 15 crore income tax for the last five years. Still, I have to pay Rs 5 lakh bribe to BMC office (every year) for making my office. Is this your ‘Achhe Din’?”