Hate Story 4 Movie Review: Neither a Thriller, Nor an Erotica; There Is a Lot to Hate in This Chapter of the Franchise


Hate Story 4 was released this week, a movie of Karan Wahi, who plays the role as Rajveer, Vivan Bhatena as Aaryan, Ihana Dhillon as Rishma, and Urvashi Rautela as Taasha.

It’s a story of love, lust, anger and revenge. As per story, Aaryan wants a fresh face for the promotion of a brand and the responsibility to find out that model is given to Rajveer, the philandering brother of Aaryan. He gives the role to Taasha, but at the same time, he has bad intentions for girls. Anyhow, his lust turns into love and Aaryan too starts having a crush on her. But, Taasha has many other priorities in life. And, the story revolves around the three.  

Just like the previous movies of Vishal Pandya (Hate Story 2, Hate Story 3, Wajah Tum Ho), in this too he has written strong female characters. His movies always push the role of females. Moreover, the charismatic music is its biggest positive aspect. Fans admired each song of Hate Story 4.

But, if one looks at the negative aspect, then the list is too long. Acting wise, no one has performed well. Badly written scenes have been acted very poorly by all these actors. The old twist, monotonous plot, and stupid script are the core of this flick. There is no logic of Karan falling in love with a girl, whom he tries to rape. Really, Vishal has not taken all the things right to make it. Furthermore, jarring dialogues and attempt to deliver them is also so unbearable. There was not even a single thing that favors this movie in any terms.