Hate Story 4: Vivan Bhatena Feels Ranveer Singh Is a Classic Example of a Baddie, Is All For Being Stereotyped As the Bad Guy


Vivan Bhatena, the mainstream actor of Hate Story 4, is putting in his best efforts for its release. He is playing the role as Aryan in the movie and his gray shaded character is similar to his role in other movies like Dangal (2016), Hero (2015) and Judwaa 2 (2017). In a recent interview, when he was asked about consistently getting same genre roles, he said that if God has given this face then what can one do? He started the conversation on a serious note. He enjoyed his role very much and said that one thing that matters the most is how others observe you and not how you see yourself. On this basis, you get the work.

Vivan was always considered as the boy next door. But now, it’s not like that, though somewhere he has blamed Karan Sahi, his co-star in Hate Story 4. He said that after the entry of Karan, he became boy next door and giggled. Then he said he did a role, which he enjoyed doing and that decision was a conscious one.

He was further asked by the interviewer if he gets scared of getting stereotyped roles in movies to which he replied that heroes in film are because of stereotyped Shaakal, Gabbar or Khilji. And, he is all for being like it. Karan also completely agreed with this statement of Vivan and said that in India, negative characters are highly acclaimed and the actor holding negative character can become a big star just like the position a hero enjoys.

Recently, the ace of acting done by Ranveer Singh got high appreciation from everyone and the other characters in the movie got overshadowed by his role. His role of Allaudin Khilji was greatly admired and one can see how much fun he had while performing the act. Vivas further said that there is always a limit for a hero like lines that he can’t cross, he gets stuck and all. But, a villain can do everything on his own without restrictions and can have fun while performing the act too.