Hate Story Actress Bhairavi Goswami Takes A Dig At Kriti Sanon!


The hate story Actress, Bhairavi Goswami took a shot at Kriti Sanon. Kriti Sanon is hitting the headlines recently. However, it seems like Bhairavi Goswami is not liking the limelight Kriti is getting and wants to hit the news using Kriti’s name. This all started when Kriti Sanon showed us her fun side in a dance video. She danced on the “Hawa Hawa” song of the movie Mubaarakan, starring Arjun Kapoor and Anil Kapoor. Kriti shared the video of her as a way to show her support towards the movie.

Hate Story Actress Bhairavi Goswami Takes A Dig At Kriti Sanon!
Hate Story Actress Bhairavi Goswami Takes A Dig At Kriti Sanon!

However, she did not know what was coming towards her, but I think most of us saw him coming. That’s right, it was none other than Kamaal R Khan. He tweeted:

“Ye Dekho Kiriti Bechari, Raabta Ke flop Hone Ke Baad, mentally disturb Ho Gayee hai!”

Talking about ‘flop,’ sir, remember your career?

It did not come as a shock because KRK time and again does this, tries to defame everyone better than him to hit the news. However, what was shocking was a reply from a not-so-much-talked-about actress, Bhairavi Goswami. She replied to KRK’s tweet, trying to hit the news. Bhairavi replied and wrote:

“She is really behaving like a deranged woman. How did she become an actress. No headlight, no bumper?. Even college students look better.”

Here’s the chain of these tweets:


Well, as most of the people have no clue about who Bhairavi Goswami is, let us help you with that. Her debut movie was Sagar Bellary’s, Bheja Fry. Also, she voiced in the hit animation movie, My Friend Ganesha 2. She also played a simple role in Kachcha Limboo as well. Furthermore, she also played a cameo in Mr. Bhatti on Chutti starring Amitabh Bachchan and Anupam Kher. She was also in the Hate Story. 

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Well, these are simply baseless digs and she needs to stop being a female KRK here.

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