Helicopter Eela’s New Song Ruk Ruk Ruk Will Take You Back To 90s Hit Song with a new Twist


Remaking old songs have become very common in Bollywood. Though many filmmakers fail miserably in making the song sound better, they still don’t stop trying. The new entrance to the Retro Songs remake collection is the song Ruk Ruk Ruk from the movie Helicopter Eela.

helicopter eelas new song ruk ruk ruk

Back in 1994, Tabu had danced to the tune of Anu Malik’s creation- Ruk Ruk Ruk song. The rap was a part of Ajay Devgan movie Vijaypath, and it was a massive hit. The new remixed version of the song has the lead actress of the movie Kajol dancing. The song has been sung by newbie Palomi Gosh, whereas the real version of the song was sung by then famous Alisha Chinai.

This song has bought Kajol fans a one-way ticket to the retro world. Helicopter Eela is based on a Gujarati play called Beta that revolves around a single mother of a college student and an aspiring singer. The movie showcases Eela’s relationship with her son and the journey that she goes through while keeping up both her ambition and responsibility of a mother. Kajol looks bubbly and chirpy in all the videos that have been released by the filmmakers.

helicopter eelas new song ruk ruk ruk

Kajol is seen dancing and singing to the tunes of Ruk Ruk Ruk in a colorful and beautifully built set. The original version had Tabu singing to Ajay Devgan on the streets to get his attention. The song also has Anu Malik making a guest appearance. Though the lyrics of the song are kept the same without any revamp, the tune of the song is changed to a Rap. It looks like the composers have planned to come on the silver screen along with Kajol. That is why the composer of the helicopter Eela version’s Ruk Ruk, Raghav Sachar also has a cameo in the song.

helicopter eelas new song ruk ruk ruk

Helicopter Eela will be releasing on October 12. Looking at the trailers and songs, the movie looks amazing. The videos have been receiving a great response from the viewers. However, we will get to know the report only after the release.