Housefull 3, Befikre, 3 Idiots: You Will Be Shocked to See the VFX in These Films


The magic of VFX is everywhere as you might have seen in the recent movies like Baahubali or Krish 3, but yeah a lot of people don’t even realise that they are watching a VFX clip in the Bollywood films too, but after movies like Avatar and Hello Boy, young people can now actually find out and see where VFX Clips are used in the films.

But still, most of the time we can’t even notice that the scene is computerized because VFX is done in such an advanced and beautiful way by the VFX Designer that the clips look very real and you won’t know that there is a VFX existing. In this article, we will talk about some of the movies like 3 Idiots, Housefull 3, Befikre, Special 26 and VFX clips of their Movies.

Housefull 3

As we all know, Akshay Kumar is a talented star and an actor like him can do anything. So, we thought he was actually spinning the ball on his finger in Housefull 3. But later, we got to know that it was actually a VFX clip. The ball is not actually present there since it has been added by the VFX designer and Akshay is just posing like he is actually spinning the ball.

Special 26

In Special 26, Akshay Kumar is seen sitting near Marine Drive. It doesn’t even look real. It is clearly visible that it’s a VFX scene, but in the same movie when Akshay and Anupam Kher are standing near the airport track, there is an old plane behind, which is actually a VFX in the film. That plane isn’t actually there, but it looks so real that you can’t even notice anything.


Befikre, which was a big hit, was shot in France due to which it was heavily promoted by media and people. In the trailer of the movie, the Eiffel Tower was not real. It was a complete VFX scene, which was easily noticeable by viewers too.