Indians found a new topic on Twitter – Ekta Kapoor is the New Target


Two or three Tweets more, and it would have been a world war kind of a thing. Yes, a world war in Twitter! One of the biggest personalities of Indian Television industry just got involved in a funny fight with a Youtuber.

Still wondering who is it? She is the women behind all your fantasy family dramas, none other than Ekta Kapoor. One thing just got cleared that you can’t joke with Ekta Kapoor as she cannot handle criticism even for a second. 

ekta kapoor is the new target

Talking about the fight, last week the famous Youtuber PewDiePie just Tweeted a picture talking about its low quality and it was enough to raise the eyebrows of Ekta Kapoor. The YouTube star took a picture from ‘Kasamh se’ serial which is the reason why Ekta is furious right now.

She tweeted “Bhai tu kaun hai! Luks like d firang junior artists we hire from colaba when we Create Paris in arey:) he will find his doppelgangers in kasam se only;)”

Wait, the fight doesn’t end here. Felix once again was seen making a YouTube video named ‘You India You Lose’ for his popular channel ‘You Laugh You Lose’ which included some more clips from Ekta Kapoor TV shows. This once again worked as a burner to light up Ekta, and guess her comeback move? A series of 3 tweets! 

People in Twitter are not at all happy with this behaviour of Ekta, as they believe this was made for fun and enjoyment. Some people even called her racist. 

If you are wondering who is PewDiePie, then search in Google as soon as possible. He is very popular on YouTube for his controversial content, but people love him. You will be amazed by looking at the number of likes in his videos, and also the subscriptions.