‘Irumbuthirai’ Trailer: Man vs. Data in this Film Starring Vishal, Arjun and Samantha


Irumbuthirai is garnering a tremendous response from the public after the release of its trailer. Vishal is playing the role of an army officer. His character is very aggressive and he is often found on Chennai streets beating the people. His harsh behavior is evident of his way of treating people.

Well, the trailer is quite interesting and gives an idea of the entire storyline. People are admiring it at large. The engrossing line regarding Vishal’s role, which is engaged in cybercrime, is inciting more craze among people. This engaging techno-action-thriller is produced under the banner of Vishal Film Factory and PS Mithram has directed it. Along with Vishal, various other stars will also entertain people, including Arjun Sarja and Samantha Akkineni.

This action thriller will definitely have excessive action, floating of screens, loads of punches and much more. The dialogue of Arjun ‘Information is power’ is highly liked by people at large and depict clearly about his evil character in the movie.

It’s a battle for the common man in the world of data privacy – the battle of an individual with corporate has been showcased. Arjun, being the villain, tries to manipulate things as shown in the trailer. His dialogues depict everything about him. It would be interesting to see how Vishal stops him and saves people from his cruel acts.

Being a popular star of Tamil cinema, people want to see him and enjoy the presence of a person with a golden heart on the silver screens. Well, this wish will get accomplished once the flick hits the screens on May 11. It was earlier scheduled to get released before 11 May, but as the industry workers were on strike now it has been slated to be released on May 11. Fans are waiting eagerly for the release of Irumbuthirai.