Jab Harry Met Sejal Box Office Verdict: Hit Or Flop


The Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal has failed to match trade expectations at the Indian box office. The movie started off on an average note and never really picked up. It had a non-holiday weekend but still, a mere 45 crores as the first-weekend collection for a Shah Rukh Khan movie by no means justifies his superstar tag. Here is the detailed box office collection analysis of Jab Harry Met Sejal in addition to its final verdict as per the Indian box office criteria.

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Jab Harry Met Sejal Budget

First of all, Jab Harry Met Sejal was heavily promoted by the producers for many reasons. Moreover, the cost of the film was on the higher side as well. The film was sold to NH Studios at 75 crores. The production cost of the film was 60 crores in addition to the advertising cost of 20 crores taking its final budget to 80 crores.

  • Production Cost: 60 crores
  • Promotion & Advertising Cost: 20 crores

Total Budget: 80 crores

Jab Harry Met Sejal Cost Recovery

The All India theatrical rights of the film were sold for a whopping 75 crores. The satellite rights of the movie went up for 45 crores whereas its music rights were sold for 15 crores. Additionally, the producers recovered money for Digital, Merchandising and other rights of 35 crores. The overseas rights were sold for 40 crores as well. Thus, the producers of the movie are on the safe side as they earned a major profit of over 100 crores with Jab Harry Met Sejal already.

  • All India Theatrical Rights: 75 crores
  • Satellite Rights: 45 crores
  • Music Rights: 15 crores
  • Digital, Merchandising, and other rights Rights: 35 crores
  • Overseas Rights: 40 crores

Total Cost Recovery: 210 crores

Jab Harry Met Sejal Box Office Collection

The Shah Rukh Khan starrer has totally failed to match the trade expectations by a long shot. Everyone in the trade sector expected the film to at least earn 100 crores even in the worst case scenario however it has failed to beat the collection of Shah Rukh Khan’s recent box office failure Fan that released last year. Here is the box office collection analysis of the movie:

  • Domestic Region (Nett): 62.60 crores
  • Domestic Region (Gross): 86.94 crores
  • Overseas Region (Gross): 57.67 crores (9 million USD)

Total Worldwide Gross: 144.62 crores 

Jab Harry Met Sejal Distribution Cost

The verdict of the movie is decided by the distributors share. Talking about profits. the makers have already earned profit worth more than 100 crores, however, the distributors share narrate a different story altogether.

  • Distribution Price: 70 crores
  • Distribution Share: 35 crores

Total Loss: 35 crores (50%)

Jab Harry Met Sejal Verdict

The Imtiaz Ali directorial has badly failed at the box office. Despite being a profitable venture for the makers, it has tanked vigorously leaving distributors in great debts. It has managed to recover only 50% of the initial distribution cost awarding itself a verdict of being one of the biggest failures of Shah Rukh Khan.

  • Domestic Verdict: Flop
  • Overseas Verdict: Average


What do you think about Jab Harry Met Sejal’s verdict? Will Shah Rukh Khan bounce back in his upcoming movies? Shoot your opinions in the comments section.

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