James Mangold to Pen the Boba Fett’s Standalone Movie


The galaxy’s bounty hunter is here to shine with Solo scheduled to hit the theatres this weekend. There’s news doing rounds that his archenemy Boba Fett who is also the fan favourite is going to get his own Star Wars story.

boba fett's standalone movie

There is quite a fan following for Star Wars franchise and a significant portion of this fanbase will be thrilled to know that James Mangold will be co-writing and directing this movie. Mangold is known for movies like The Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma, and Logan. All that fans would want from him is that he should work on the story keeping in mind that prequels never happened.

boba fett's standalone movie

There have been speculations for long that Disney had plans for making its Star Wars anthology films. This Boba Fett standalone film that will be made for Lucasfilm/Disney was earlier getting scripted by Simon Kinberg who was involved with many X-Men franchise’s entries.

Now that Mangold has taken over, it is yet not clear if he will continue on Kinberg’s unfinished storyline or will start from the scratch. The two, however, share a close history as both of them were together in Logan that was released last year.

boba fett's standalone movie

Boba Fett was a cult character prior to George Lucas’ return to Star Wars. Though he never had any major presence in the franchise movies, he always looked cool flying his great spaceship. It was more in comic books and novels that his character was depicted to be more capable and completely bad-ass than in the movies. Now it appears that he will actually get his due with this movie.

The plot details are still under wraps and no one has any idea so far of what to expect from the movie.