Joaquin Phoenix to Star as The Joker In Origin movie


According to sources, Joaquin Phoenix has signed his deal to step into the character of The Joker for the popular Warner Bros movie. The actor will be starred as the arch nemesis of Batman in the movie and the shooting is supposed to start in the month of September in New York this year.

joaquin phoenix to star as the joker

Leonardo DiCaprio was considered to be the ideal choice in the beginning, but soon the arrow turned towards Joaquin Phoenix and the tables turned. Though the actor was not sure about playing comic book movie roles previously, he has finally signed this movie now.

joaquin phoenix to star as the joker

The script is being written by Todd Phillips and Scott silver. The movie will also be directed by Todd Phillips itself. This movie is a Warner Bros. origin story and Joaquin will be depicting the most infamous and arguably overexposed villain. Though the movie is still untitled and has no name finalised till date, hence the fans are not much happy with the latest news. Depending on the consequences, the movie could be ready for release not before 2019.

The movie is budgeted for a price of about $55 million, which is considerably lesser than that of the other Comic book movies that have earned well in the past few years.

Warner Bros. will fix the date of the film considering the superhero movies being released in the future year as the movies have blocked their release dates years before in advance. But that does not affect the movie as this movie relies on the single  character of Joker which is quite different from other superhero movies.

joaquin phoenix to star as the joker

Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for an Oscar award for his character in the movie “Gladiator” last year. He also won the best actor award for the movie “You Were Never Really Here” at the Cannes Film Festival held in 2017. The Walk The Like star has expressed that he would take the character in a new way; different to the previous actors who played the role of The Joker.

Warner Bros. have promised the fans that the movie will be unique from other typical comic book movies and described the movie plot as, “exploration of a man disregarded by society (that) is not only a gritty character study but also a broader cautionary tale”.