Johnny Depp-Amber Heard’s Ugly Accusation Game Seems to Never End!


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got divorced about a year and a half ago and it seems like the actors are still not done with their dirty accusation game. Reportedly, the two-year  long marriage broke after Amber’s 30th birthday anniversary because of uncertain reasons. According to a well-established magazine, Amber Heard allegedly soiled her marriage bed to punish Johnny Depp for being late. It was Amber’s 30th birthday for which Johnny arrived at the venue two hours late in Los Angeles in April of 2016. This led to a dirty and violent fight between the couple which triggered Amber to poop in their bed.

johnny depp amber heards ugly accusation

According to the website, this dirty fight was the reason why the couple filed for a divorce after one month after this fight. The article also talks about another incident in May 2016 where the couple fought over poop on their bed which provoked Johnny Depp to throw his phone angrily. The incident reportedly caused bruises on Ambers’ face. Police had to intervene the matter in-order to investigate the possibility of domestic violence.

johnny depp amber heards ugly accusation

According to the publication, there was photographic proof of the whole incident which later took the face of a prank. The website also spoke to a representative of Amber who told them that it was Amber’s pet Yorkie Boo’s poo which was on their bed. Apparently, the representative told the publication that Amber’s Dog had bowels problem and the whole incident was not deliberate. The representative also told the reporter that Amber is moving on and they want to keep her away from such matters related to her past.

johnny depp amber heards ugly accusation

According to the report, the faces were too large to be of a dog’s. Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny dog and the poop of the dog isn’t too big. The publication claims that the home keeper who witnessed the mess claims that the poop is not that of a dog’s poop. Amber got the custody of both dogs when their divorce was settled in January 2017. Sad & a smelling ending to a marriage is all that we could say now!!