Joker Features Alec Baldwin as Batman’s Father


The Hollywood followers have yet again something very interesting and surprising when it comes to rich and fun-filled cine updates. The film Joker has a unique film cast with Alec Baldwin playing the role of Batman’s father Thomas Wayne in the movie.

alec baldwin as batmans father

The film is directed by Todd Phillips and it has created a sensation just by revealing its star cast. To add to the cast, the movie features the star Joaquin Phoenix as the lead. As the film is named as Joker, the lead role brings to us the character of a clown and the same is played by Joaquin Phoenix. The prince of crime, the Joker in the movie plays a significant role in the film and the director, Todd Phillips is expected to deliver all that he wants to through the enriched star cast.

alec baldwin as batmans father

The movie Joker has a storyline, which revolves around a very talented young man with immense wisdom and knowledge. It would certainly be a privilege for the cast to work for the project as the returning stardom is a multiplied product of the existing.

alec baldwin as batmans father

Thomas Wayne gave his debut attempt in the Detective Comics, which was a 1939 entertainment. A few sources had previously cited that the original Batman flavor and nemesis of the story would result in a higher budget when it comes to making a crime and adventurous thriller. The budget is often compared to the other various superhero blockbusters of the cine industry.

The film is co-produced by Warner Bros. and the company Village Roadshow. The production credits would be extended to Emma Tillinger Koskoff and Richard Baratta along with Martin Scorsese. If the shooting along with pre- and post- production goes well according to the plan, then the film is expected to hit the screens on 4th October 2019.