Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review:It’s Time for Life in the Dino Universe to End


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which is Dino world’s latest part, was recently released. JA Bayona, the director has tried hard to keep the story in sequence but it has fallen from the very beginning. Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, the writers of this flick have put in every effort to grab the audiences’ attention but failed to do so due to some minor mistakes, which have led to a big impact.

jurassic world fallen kingdom movie review

This Jurassic Park franchise’s second part is not up to the mark. And, it has definitely failed on each level without any enjoyment left. From the very beginning, you see the Pacific Coast of Central America & Isla Nublar’s fictional island, which has the danger of volcano that is about to burst anytime. Claire Dearingand& Owen Grady are there to rescue the dinosaurs left in the area from the destruction that may occur with a volcanic eruption.

jurassic world fallen kingdom movie review

Well, the story was so worn out that even the motives of every character are totally unpredictable and you can’t get what they are doing. And, the worst part is that the actions are predictable, so you can easily guess what the character is going to do. Chris Pratt, who had appeared in Avengers: Infinity War earlier, has now done his part in Jurassic World also brilliantly. Furthermore, the other crew members, including Owen, Clair Daring – the role by Bryce Dallas Howard, and Eli Mills by Rafe Spall have justified their roles.

jurassic world fallen kingdom movie review

It just seems like an adventurous ride and nothing else. Only dinosaur’s actions rule the game and everything else doesn’t seem to be on track. Well, this part is one-time watch only and is not up to the mark.