Kaabil Music Review


Kaabil Music Review: All Songs are Good Lets Check Out All Song Review of Kaabil One By One

Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye

The song starts slowly but catches pace goes to medium pace and with the beats song becomes hummable. When you listen it for the first and second time you won’t find it to be very good but it will catch up and stick with you from the 3rd time.
The song has retained some part of the old song but it is by no means cut copy past with singer’s own style of singing, the song becomes different.
One always has a part in the song which is his favorite, mine was when the chorus was just about to start. Overall its a nice song,which is hard to forget

Kaabil Hoon (Sad Version)

This song starrts as a total dull affair and it seems as if the singer will start crying any moment(which is good as singer is in full mood) song becomes totally slow in the end, you will listen this mostly in theaters as it is very short song with just 1 and a half minute. Its an emotional song.

Mon Amour

This one you heard a bit in the trailer and the song starts with those lines which later becomes chorus. The chorus is catchy. Its a dance number with feel good romantic vibes which enables it to become a classy party track.
Vishal has changed his flow through out the song. First para is the best in the song, second para seems a bit forced. Third para seems decent.
Just like Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye here also our favorite part is when the chorus was just about to start. French language is there too.

Kuch Din

This song is dedicated to all those people who are in their honeymoon phase of relationship as it expresses the feelings of first love and how the other person is slowly becoming your better half. the song is slow, its a bit less slow than Kaabil Hu (Sad Version), you can get reminded of Dhal Jau from this but its very different from it. This song can be listened sometimes.

Kaabil Hoon

The song starts with nice beats and here again Jubin is singing but this time its not a slow track. Here the music is fresh and this gives you a feel good vibe. Unlike other songs here the other paras don’t seem forced and totally go with the flow of the song. With palak mucchal taking over the song gets an even better side. It seems as if both are competing with each other that who will make the song better. The video is already out
and its nicely picturized.

Haseeno Ka Deewana

This time a new singer is here. This one is a full-fledged item number. Since this song has already become a super-hit we can’t beg to differ.
Urvashi Rautela has done a tremendous job and has given the song a totally new and bold feel. Raftaar has a rap portion which is pretty much the same stuff you see him singing in every other song of his.

Overall we think the album is nice which has emotions dance love etc, but we think instead of Rajesh Roshan somebody new should have been given the job because it could have given
the album a better version which caters more towards modern day sensibilities. Our favorite is Kaabil Hoon, Haseeno Ka Deewana.


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