Kapil Sharma’s Girlfriend Opens Up


Days after making a tweet on BMC officials demanding bribe, the actor turned comedian Kapil Sharma has landed soup. The politicians are booing him and the opposition parties are trying to take the advantage of the situation. Kapil had to later clarify the matter by stating that he has no link with any political party and he doesn’t intend so. After all this melodrama his alleged girlfriend Preeti Simoes has come out to openly support the star.

She chose the famous social networking platform Twitter to express her view and through a series of tweets expressed her view and tried to garner public favour for Kapil Sharma aka Bittoo as he is better known by his stage name.


In her series of tweets she updated a few newspaper clicks and some posts a few of which are here

  1. We all must maintain faith in our system and when de time is rite de concerned ppl will come forward wid der stand..till den keep smiling
  1. Bring to ur notice a wrong doing !!wow den no citizen of dis country shud speak up cus v r all criminals
  1. I wud request all well wishers to neither panic or react to news ..der Iz a course of action am sure being taken which Iz well thought out.
  1. So if I ve jumped a signal once n been fined .. in de future if I c an accident I shud bot report it cus I am a criminal wid no rights to .. — Preeti Simoes (@preeti_simoes)September 13, 2016


She also added a few snaps of a newspaper cut outs to further support her statements. And along with those images she captioned I hope u guys read dis for better understanding….@KapilSharmaK9

Now it’s a high time and the issue has caught a lot of media frenzy as well. Let’s see what further twist does this incident take.