Karan Johar’s take on ADHM Controversy!


KJo’s ADHM has been generating enormous publicity as well as controversies since its inception. A very latest controversy entangling the film is a dialogue on the legendary late singer Mohammad Rafi and Karan Johar has finally broke his silence on this issue.

Amidst the hated controversies and the speculations circulating regarding ADHM, the film has been doing quite well on the box office. But, Karan Johar and the entire cast and crew of the film have been subjected to many irrelevant comments and taunts.

ADHM Controversy
Twists and Troubles

The film has been engrossed in a lot of drama when in a particular scene Anushka Sharma made a humorous remark stating “Mohammad Rafi gaate nahi, rote the.” The dialogue seems to have disappointed the late singer’s son Shahid Rafi who even demanded KJo to apologize publicly.


Karan Johar finally decided to break his hush on the matter with his response on his official Twitter account. He stated “Filmmakers making irresponsible remarks at events..singers revelling in self-importance…press releases sent to mask insecurities! Ufff. Hopefully, the matter would tranquil soon with this statement!