‘Kedarnath’ to Be Released This Friday, Bombay High Court Orders; Dismisses Plea


On Thursday, the Bombay High Court completely dismissed a plea that was against the release of the latest Bollywood flick “Kedarnath”. The plea was made specifically on religious grounds and it specified that the movie hurt the sentiments of many people and also demeaned the dignity of their omnipresent deity.


Kedarnath, which is directed by Abhishek Kapoor, has Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan as the main characters in the upcoming film. After all the fiasco, the movie is slated to release this Friday. Apart from Kedarnath, the debutante Sara will be seen in Simbaa wherein she is paired opposite Ranveer Singh.

kedarnath to be released this friday

The petition for banning the film was originally filed by two lawyers of the city – Mr. Rameshchandra Mishra and Prabhakar Tripathi who claimed that the movie, which is originally inspired from the 2013 Uttarakhand floods, does not do justice to the original incident and the fabricated details that are portrayed in the film does hurt the religious sentiments of those who had suffered and witnessed the calamity themselves.

kedarnath to be released this friday

The storyline is imaginary and the movie is an untrustworthy story of love between a Hindu Brahmin girl and a Muslim boy, connected to Uttarakhand floods that killed several pilgrims,” the petitioners said.

The CBFC aka Central Board of Film Certification didn’t support the plea but supported the film producers instead. The legal representatives of the movie producers said that the movie was a depiction of a love story between two individuals; it is by no means intended to hurt anyone.

Although the backdrop is set during the Uttarakhand floods, it should by no means be regarded as an insult to the religious belief of the people since the movie portrays fictional characters and no deliberate efforts have been put forward to demean anybody. Additionally, the filmmakers also requested that they should be given the freedom to express their thoughts and not be bounded because of religious sentiments.

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