Laila Majnu Trailer Relives Love and Fire


The Bollywood captivation, the very much awaited movie Laila Majnu met the audience through its enunciating trailer. Imtiaz Ali, the presenter of Laila Majnu, has colored the movie with his thoughts of love, entertainment, craze, passion and challenges. Most of the movie was shot in Kashmir and has set its tone and rhythm to attract wide audiences and film lovers.

laila majnu trailer

Laila Majnu trailer has hit the online media with its scintillating trailer & the filmmaker is glad to see that the trailer has touched and invoked the right emotions in the minds and hearts of the viewers. With this, the released video, featuring the outline and flavour of the movie, is said to reach the expected levels. As envisioned by the presenter, the movie provoked the fashion of love, craze, fear and war, which prevailed those days.

Laila Majnu, originally witnesses the culture of love, warmth and affection, which was dominated by bloodshed and conflicts. The visuals portrayed the gist of the film, which talks about youth, heart and reality. The film is produced by Ekta Kapoor. When she shared the trailer with the world through her social media platform, she added a caption as follows: “He was mad. She was crazy. Togetherness was the eternity they lived for! Meet them in #LailaMajnuTrailer. Releasing 7th Sept’18. #PyaarMeinPagal”

laila majnu trailer

As clear indicator of love-life, passion to love and live and of course, the attitude of mad over love, the story revolves around eternal peaces, that the 2 hearts Kias and Laila would attain, as a result of true love. Avinash Tiwary played the role of Kias and Tripti Dimri acted as Liala in the film. The lives of the 2 ornaments the simple but very passionate quality that enrolled them to accept and deal with a distinct love story, which was very new for the world to witness.

laila majnu trailer

Their story took a different turn which set them and their destinations apart. Violence, domination, lack of understanding and more could be few of the reasons for the same. Coming back to the trailer, the style and smoothness overflows, which characterize Imtiaz Ali’s work. The film is said to be released in the month of September of this year. Have you watched the trailer yet? Let us know in the comments below!