Marvel’s Spider-Man Season Two Trailer Released


Two years ago, it was announced at E3 that Spider-Man game would be coming on PlayStation 4. Since then, it has been teasing the fans and with only a few months to go now, Insomniac and Sony have posted the fresh gameplay trailer.

marvels spider man season two trailer

It indicates that the Spidey is in a real peril when it comes to this game. In the clip, one can see all the rivals of this superhero confronting him. This includes Rhino, Scorpion, and Electro and the things don’t look good for the champ in this PlayStation-exclusive adventure.

marvels spider man season two trailer

The trailer that has been released for the fans is an action smorgasbord. In it, the Spiderman is seen rushing toward the RAFT, which is a high-security prison to pursue Electro, who is one of his classic enemies.

The super villain, who is electric-powered, uses his powers and opens all the cells of the island prison. This makes all inmates come out at once and fight against Spider-Man. This high action drama continues through the outer and the inner walls of the prison and up to the tallest tower. During this chase, Spidey runs not only into Rhino but also Scorpion, Vulture, and finally the Negative Man.

marvels spider man season two trailer

Though Sony kept the conclusion under wraps to maintain the curiosity of fans, they could, however, enjoy few minutes of the live gameplay. To watch the game completel,y they will have to wait for few more months as Marvel’s Spider-Man that is made exclusively for PlayStation 4 will be hitting the stores on 7th September 2018.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man’s season 2, Spidey will be seen with what he calls webcam, which is a new technology. Using it, he can take pictures of himself as Spider-Man.