Meme Became Real – Elon Musk Is Finally Dating


Weeks ago, memes were being created for Elon Musk regarding his love life, but who would have thought that Musk would come up with something like this so soon? Are you still wondering what the issue is? Maybe you missed the Met Gala red carpet event last Monday and Musk’s breaking news. Well the good news is that it’s still fresh and people are discussing about Elon Musk’s new girlfriend. Yes, you heard it right!

elon musk dating

Welcome to the reality, where Musk is dating a Canadian pop star named Grimes. The couple who had been secretly dating since few months finally revealed their relationship status to the public by walking on the red carpet. Met Gala witnessed celebrities from all around the globe, but this new pair created a lot of buzz among the audience as they found it very surprising. 

elon musk dating

The billionaire techie Elon Musk was seen wearing a white coat, while his other half was wearing a glamorous white dress along with a Tesla-themed locket. 

Talking about Grimes, her real name is Claire Boucher, a Canadian Pop star as well as a producer. She belongs to Vancouver, Columbia and is a graduate from McGill University in Montreal. Elon Musk doesn’t need any introduction, but how both of them came together is really a hot story right now. Both of them met on Twitter, which shows how powerful social media is for everyone.

elon musk dating

How can you just date the 57th richest man of the planet? Just by sharing a joke on Twitter! That sounds crazy, but it is the reality. Musk discovered that Grimes had beaten him in the Twitter battle, which was enough to steal his heart. 

Musk, who is known for his genius technologies, was earlier seen making his personal life very public when he divorced way back in 2012. The Canadian pop star, on the other hand, seems to be comfortable with Musk’s company.