Mirzya And Tutak Tutak Tutiya Opening Day Prediction


This week Mirzya And Tutak Tutak Tutiya are releasing in theaters. The buzz around both the films is not very great as the trailer wasn’t great. The music hasn’t clicked.

Mirzya is expected to put some decent numbers at box office. Mirzya stars Harshvardhan Kapoor ( Son of Anil Kapoor) and Saiyami Kher. Both are doing their Debuts that means opening will come from the response of Trailer and Songs. The movie is a love story based on the old story of Mirza Sahiban, which is a dark love story like Ram Leela and Ishaqzade. Both of these movies performed well at the box office and Ishaqzade had Arjun in the lead who was doing his debut along with Parineeti who had appeared in a movie earlier and it also had massy feel, something which Mirzya doesn’t possess.

The budget is not very high it is just 35 Crores but for a film starring both Debut Actors it is quite big.

We expect the First Day Collections to be 3.5 Crores.


Tutak Tutak Tutiya is not expected to open huge. It stars Prabhu Deva, Sonu Sood and Tammanah Bhatia. The biggest star in the movie is Tammanah Bhatia which explains the condition of stardom in the movie. The trailer was very bad and just because of songs it has come into people’s attention. Since the movie is more of a South Indian Movie, the collections in North Side won’t matter that much

We expect the First Day Collections to be 1.5 Crores.