Mission Impossible Fallout Stills: Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill Face-Off in the Action-drama


The spy action franchise of Mission Impossible has launched its sixth iteration, ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’. Tom Cruise has played the role as Ethan Hunt and there are many other actors including old and new superstars who are a part of it. Michelle Monaghan, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Sean Harris, and Ving Rhames from previous films are a part of this movie and the new characters introduced in Fallout are Wes Bentley, Sian Brooke, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, and Angela Bassett.

mission impossible fallout stills

Just like the earlier series delighted the viewers with visual effects, blistering action, and world-level stunts, this series will also entertain the audience.

In this series, you will see August Walker and Ethan Hunt view the entire world in a different perspective and they treat each other as a threat. In the view of Walker, Hunt and his methods are detrimental to the world and he should no longer exist. Walker also gets a task to kill him. Cavill has talked about his character as the trump card of CIA. And, he does trauma-type attack and kills each person without leaving any witness and does the entire job within seconds.

mission impossible fallout stills

The older series of Mission Impossible has earned above 2.7 billion dollars. This has been exclusively based on the 1960s and 70s CBS TV series. Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson have played a remarkable role. In Rogue Nation, the previous film of Rebecca, she played the role of M16 agent IIsa Faust. As usual, in this movie also, Tom Cruise has performed the stunts by himself. He even shattered his ankle in a stunt and came back for shooting in nine weeks.