Mithila Palkar Cherishes her Experience at the Sets of Karwaan


The curly haired fair and energetic lady with inspiring smile and burning passion for art, is none other than Mithila Palkar. She is known for crossing stereotypes and retracing paths to grasp and achieve opportunities. From the kind of entry she made into the world of entertainment a couple of years ago, say 2, to the way she is being rocking till date, all reflect her unique way of accepting life. She made her debut as a celebrity in Anna Kendrick’s project. All the magic happened through her work in the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. This video became social media’s best friend and fetched her immense popularity. Further, Mithila stood up as the most promising star of Bollywood.

mithila palkar sets of karwaan

In 2015, Mithila played a role in the movie Katti Batti, which had Imran Khan and Kagana Ranaut staring it. Later, her hard work and determination gifted her Karwaan, in which she will be staring with Irrfan and Salmaan. The movie is expected to hit the screens in the month of August. To the press and other sources, Mithila shared what it feels to act in karwaan and how exciting her journey is. “To start with, of course, I was a little intimidated because I have grown up watching Irrfan Sir, and DQ (Dulquer) is also an extremely talented artiste. It was a little daunting but they both eased me into it. I was like that child who was thrown in Disneylan,” she conveyed.

mithila palkar sets of karwaan

Seems like it was a blast for her to work with the 2 spontaneous and vibrant actors of Bollywood. She also added by saying that she got to learn a lot about art and acting from the experienced actors in the set. She felt a little intimidating in the begining because she grew up watching and fanning the 2 actors, Irrfan and Dulquer.

mithila palkar sets of karwaan

Mithila is one such young and bright talent who has not shone via the routine efforts and ways of gaining her debut opportunity but she did by taking innovative paths like that of the internet. It is now going to be interesting to see the talent on the screens of Karwaan, a few days later.