Mowgli’s Freida Pinto Finally Speaks Her Thoughts on the Iconic #MeToo Movement


#MeToo movement has been a rage all over the wide. A lot of people have been opening about their traumatic incidents over the social media platforms. Even the celebrities opened up about their experiences using the same platform and joined the movement. But few celebrities including Mowgli actor Frieda Pinto had a notion that Indian fraternity will take a while to open up about their experiences and share their life stories over the social media.

mowglis freida pinto metoo movement

However, the women of India shocked everyone by joining the #MeToo movement which in turn encouraged a lot of people to share their similar experiences too. Tanushree Dutta took a bold move by joining the movement first and slowly other celebrities shared their horrendous experience over the net. A lot of reputable actors name were called out which included veteran actors like Nana Patekar, Alok Nath as well as directors like Sajid Khan.

mowglis freida pinto metoo movement

The movement has now spread like a wildfire and multiple people have found the courage to speak up about their experiences. When the media contacted Freida about her thoughts on this movement, she promptly replied that now that people are open about their incidents the country has to gear up for curbing such occurrences in future.

mowglis freida pinto metoo movement

When contacted by a online portal named Bollywood Life she said that “I don’t know if we’re ready but we better be ready because it is going to happen in one way or the other. The fire has been lit,”.  She added that every movement every revolution goes through its highs and lows, but if everyone vows to follow the right path, then changes can come into place.

Freida also feels that just letting out the news out in open would just gain empathy but it wouldn’t be of any help if some action is not taken against the wrongdoings that occur on a daily basis.

She also feels that the policemen of the country need to gear up and file reports seriously and not just casually dismiss it without giving it a second thought.