Mukkabaaz Movie Review: Daring Politics, Dazzling Performances


Anurag Kashyap has been known for his daring attitude that he shows in the movies being directed by him. This time again, he has come to showcase it in the movie ‘Mukkabaaz’. He has brought the present standards of punishment and crime in this movie. The death threats, sedition charges, morchas and many more threatening situations strongly demand a ban in the country.

The movie starts with a scene with cows being agitated and beaten by some people who have worn gamchas to hide their faces.  They are recording and forcefully ordering the victims to say that they are going to kill the cows now. Although it has no significant portion in the movie, it depicts the ‘Gau Politics’ that is still prevailing in the country. The reality behind the curtains related to ‘Gau Hatyas’, a major issue of the country, gets unveiled here.  

From this, the image of the fearless director, Anurag Kashyap glazes more than before. A considerable focus of the movie is on caste politics, depicting the persons who emphasize on their surnames to represent their caste basically, symbolizing divisions. The whole plot of the movie is outstanding; however, Shravan Singh (Vineet Kumar Singh), the main lead has performed well but not incredibly.

The movie has been set in the backdrop of UP, where the discrimination on the basis of caste is done on a huge level. Upper caste people get respect, but people from lower caste don’t get respect in any way. The story revolves around Shravan, whose passion is boxing. With small dreams, he carries on his passion to box for his country. Jimmy Shergill has played the role as Bhagwan Das Mishra, who has control over boxers’ lives.

Anyhow, Shravan insults Mishra and in the whole film he struggles to get a place in boxing and his love life too get depends upon Mishra. Overall, the movie is good to watch and the entire team has given a fabulous performance.