October Movie Review: Varun Dhawan Gives the Performance of His Life; Banita Sandhu Is Outstanding


Above all conventional melodrama that have appeared on silver screen from several years, ‘October’ of Shoojit Sircar is a pleasing celestial love story of a charming itinerant. Moreover, the pivotal performances of main leads have strengthened the story incredibly.

But, you assuredly need the patience to enjoy the entire movie. Emotions don’t come up speedily. Instead, this heartfelt drama slowly wins your heart. Danish Walia, a 21-year-old guy is a hospitality industry rookie, but he knows that he deserves a much better job than consistent badgering of scornful seniors and hotel guests. Varun Dhawan has done his work brilliantly and performed the character in a felicitating manner by inserting amazing Bollywood hero trappings. Varun has added life to the character in an impeccable way.

As per the demand of the script, he has done very well and Shiuli Iyer has also performed her role beautifully. The role of Banita Sandhu is completely ineffable. The onscreen duet’s tenor and tone is just inexpressible and something that is never seen by the audience in the Indian cinema.

The performance of this new duvet is just out of the world. Both have tried hard to get a toehold in an industry while working as five-star hotel’s trainees. The lady is well adjusted, committed, steady and completely dedicated towards her work. On the other hand, the man is disgruntled and despaired with long erratic hours of work and expresses his displeasure and frustration with self-destructive ways. While continuing education, one wrong step could carry out the wrong fortune in their way. The locations and everything else in the movie is worth appreciating. The technical attributes, dialogues, physical location and above all the acting of lead pair is worth applauding.