October Trailer Review: When Varun Dhawan Discovered Method Acting for Real


Varun Dhawan is well known for his comedy and romantic acting. He is that chocolate boy who can make you dance to his tunes and have fun with you. Although he broke his stereotypical image by enacting as Raghu in Badlapur, he is still considered as one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood, thanks to the movie choices taken up by him.

After winning the lead role in Judwaa 2 a remake of Judwaa, Dhawan found it hard to act naturally in Shoojit Sircar’s film. While Dhawan played a funny and witty character in Judwaa 2, he had to make use of method acting to get the role naturally.

The trailer looks promising, although it reminds the audience of movies like 50 first dates, where the actor doesn’t fall out of love even when his lady love is sick and can’t afford normal dates. Nowadays, falling in love and falling out of love and then falling for someone else has become like a cake walk. Even teenagers are falling prey to this kind of setups and in the end they forget to experience true love.

There’s a reason why classic movies are still loved by the current generation in spite of plenty of forgettable rom-com movies that get bombed at the box office. Varun Dhawan was quoted as saying that on a chance meeting with a 19-year-old hotel management student who was seen doing odd tasks that were assigned to him on a daily basis. After having a conversation with this guy, Dhawan could actually help himself get into the real crux of the character and he found himself fortunate to have been offered this film by Sircar. Although the plot of the story is still unknown and won’t be revealed before the release, the viewers are requested not to get influenced by any fan-made review and try judging the movie before its release.

How many of us are excited to witness Dhawan in a completely different role who is trying to explain how true love actually feels? Let us know in the comments section below!