Olay’s Fake Concept of Beauty Cream Affects Mira Rajput Kapoor’s Debut


Though, Mira doesn’t belong to the Silver Screen, being Shahid Kapoor’s wife has always kept fans speculating about when they would be able to see her on the big screen. In her many interviews and public appearances, she never failed to charm her fans as a star in the making. With all the paparazzi and camera following her everywhere, she is now no less than a celebrity. Recently, Mira revealed her first television commercial for the brand of Olay skin care products. In the commercial, she talks about her experience of being a mother, who doesn’t get enough time to take care of herself.

beauty cream affects mira rajput kapoor

Sharing the video of her debut commercial on the Instagram, Mira wrote, “Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself right? I took the #Olay #SkinTransformation #28Daychallenge Here’s my #Reborn story.. what’s yours? @olayindia”. Mira, who is pregnant with her second baby, in her last trimester, looked glowing in her black dress and heels. Her post left her lovestruck-husband, Shahid’s comment, “Who’s this stunner.” Her close friend- Shilarna Vaze also commented saying, “So pretty!!!”

beauty cream affects mira rajput kapoor

In the advertisement, she talks about how blessed she is for being a mother and the duties and strains that follow along with it. She shares her experiences with her first child ‘Misha’ and says that motherhood also makes you forget to care for your skin. She mentions that the sleepless night had made her skin dull and patchy. She claims that she took the Olay 28-day challenge a month before her daughter’s first birthday and got her glowing skin back, right in time for the celebrations.

beauty cream affects mira rajput kapoor

Although her acting is appreciable, the concept of beauty related by Olay has ruined it for her. Her fans have commented on her post saying that though she is only 22 years old, she has claimed to have gone through dull and aging skin, which may or may not be true but being young she doesn’t need an anti-aging cream for her flawless skin. Fans have also mentioned that these are fake ways to sell the product and blind the audiences.